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All in one cloud based property management suite


Property management system

A cloud-based system with intuitive design for managing your reservations (bed or room), tax invoice, expenses, and article sales


Channel manager

A channel manager which works in the background to automate your bookings across all the OTAs. Now, you don't need to login twice



An analytical dashboard to track your business metrics for decision making with practical reservation and payment control center


Tax invoice management

Our tax invoice system is simple to set up within minutes to suit any taxation structure of any country as required by the law


Cloud based

A complete cloud-based system to help you track your business from anywhere. Simply connect to the internet and start managing


Revenue management

Revenue management has been simplified through reports with in-depth data insight, designed to tackle the core business challenges

Pricing Select Currency
0-49 Rooms/ Beds
Monthly USD 35  * USD 29
Annual star USD 250
* USD 21 Monthly
50-99 Rooms/ Beds
Monthly USD 40   *USD 35
Annual star USD 300
* USD 25 Monthly
100 + Rooms/ Beds
Monthly USD 63   *USD 59
Annual USD 500
*USD 42 Monthly
0-49 Rooms/ Beds
Monthly INR 2499   INR 2099
Annual star INR 16990
INR 1416 Monthly
50-99 Rooms/ Beds
Monthly INR 2799   INR 2399
Annual star INR 19990
INR 1666 Monthly
100 + Rooms/ Beds
Monthly INR 3599   INR 3999
Annual INR 32990
INR 2750 Monthly
0-49 Rooms/ Beds
Monthly EUR 32   *EUR 27
Annual star EUR 220
*EUR 19 Monthly
50-99 Rooms/ Beds
Monthly EUR 36   *EUR 31
Annualstar EUR 270
* EUR 23 Monthly
100 + Rooms/ Beds
Monthly EUR 57   *EUR 52
Annual EUR 430
*EUR 36 Monthly
*Actual amount may differ slightly based on INR conversion to USD or EUR.
Ansh Dewaney

“We operate a 30 rooms large hostel. We had been looking for software for months which provides me value for money and the features for automating property management and channel management. Our tax invoicing problems have come to an end with Buddy. Having worked with other programs, I am happy to recommend Buddy to others friends running their business.”

Ansh Dewaney

Mumbai, India


“It is undeniable for us the cost benefit that buddy brings to us as a small boutique property against other management systems and channel mangers which starts at $60- $100. What has been encouraging is the prompt customer support and improved distribution of the inventory. We are finally running the show professionally with the use of this cloud-based system.”

Andy Yuen

Bangkok, Thailand


“First of all I must thank the Buddy team to deliver a solution with channel manager and property management system working as one system at one third of the cost. Decision to adopt Buddy was quite an easy one based on the cost but we are surprised with its performance, support and features exactly matching our requirements.”

Thanh Vuong

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam